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How to effectively identify the investment information?

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All kinds of news circulated on the market are always true and false. We take the recent bitcoin bad news as an example to briefly analyze how to distinguish investment news.

The latest news of the great bitcoin

The last three weeks have come to a classic bit of bitcoin blowout.

The bad news began in the first third weeks. The first one was stolen from a Ukraine stock exchange, and later it was said that the boss of the exchange was tied up, so there was a super drop. In fact, small exchanges have limited influence.

The next South Korean government came to strengthen exchange regulatory policy, various hearsay to close direct exchange, but in fact the source of the news before similar news spread three days there, the South Korean government is required to strengthen exchanges to strengthen the real name system, KYC.

Followed by Chinese to close C2C and strengthen the supervision of OTC exchange news, true and false, no verifiable.

Then it is the news that several big banks in Australia shut down and the accounts of the bitcoin related companies. But the bank's account news about the closure of bitcoin related companies has been in 2016 and was turned out every other time.

At the end of the last few days, the rumor of closing the mines in China was a big blow, but it was soon to be rumored.

The methodology of a rational and peer - to - peer message

There are a lot of gossip. The first reaction is to find the source of the message.

Basically, there are two sources of news. One is the official statement of a non news agency, such as a company's website and information announcement channels of government agencies, such as website and spokesperson. The organization of the speaker must be able to produce an executive force on the specific content of the news. The second category is the speech of the celebrities, the big V, the media website.

The credibility of the former is more reliable, and the credibility of the latter should be discounted.

The most recent margin in the first section is all second. So the credibility is doubtful.

The second reaction is to think about the actual logic behind the message and the potential execution methods.

For example, the news of closing the mine, where is the legitimacy? A mine is not an act of a company, like an exchange, and needs to be registered in an office building. A large number of Mines belonging to individual behavior, person in the home and put a few machines mining has nothing to do with others.

The third reaction is the potential influence of the message. Because the money circle is directly related to the money, so a variety of information is used to make a lot of short, which is common.

The above is the author's Thoughts on this kind of information. But how should you do it? After all, it's about the income of your own investment.

How do investors face news

My principle is very clear and decided - not to listen to the bits of bitcoins and other digital currencies from any gossip and insider messages.

First, the indeterminate inside information itself is of great uncertainty, often with a lot of false ingredients, or simply a rumor. Investment based on information from rumor can lead to failure. The insider information is difficult to obtain, so much to the inside world which, if the hard won the insider, who the fuck is ill tell you ah, I own to make money. Deliberately scattered inside information is often a bait.

Second, even if the inside information is true, then it is often illegal. It is a truth that it is a breach of law to disclose state secrets in advance. As a citizen, not to defy the law, it is more advisable.

Third, by virtue of the insider information to investment, or to recognize bitcoin or other currency, they will breed of inertia, tired of study, this will cause you to lose yourself, give up self judgment, give up the self study, eventually turn you into a rely on others. This is a person who is not confident. It's a man without a future.

But you have to think, if this kind of news is true, will the price fall? In order to cope with this kind of mental state, the lesson you have to do is to invest in value.

In the eyes of the value investors, only the investment deviates from the track of value development, and the value is seriously overvalued or undervalued by the market, and the position will be adjusted. As for the price fluctuations in the market, let them go.

I believe that the investment of digital assets is a process of long-term investment to earn profits. Although short-term investments seem to be able to earn real time, the returns will be much worse than the long ones.

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