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Bitcoin ATM is quietly amp;quot;invadingamp;quot; convenience stores and pawnshops

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Bitcoin is bound in the whole society become more and more universal, now, to the center of the currency is already available in the gas station, deli, convenience stores, and even pawn use. According to reports, bitcoin ATMs recently around the world (BTM) is the number rose sharply, most notably the United States at present, already has 1279 bitcoin ATMs.

In the last month of 2017 , the number of automatic teller machines increased sharply

In end of 2017, the number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world suddenly soared, and in the past few months, the global BTM market has grown to 7.6%. The largest markets for Bitcoin ATMs are the United States, Canada, the UK and Austria, according to Coinatmradar. The number of Bitcoin ATMs in the United States accounts for 75, or about 1, 270 units worldwide. The world's best-known BTM manufacturers include Genesiscoin. General Bytesi Lamassu and Coinso Urce, other smaller BTM manufacturers have Bitaccess, Covault, and Bitxatm.

Coinsource is the largest maker of Bitcoin ATMs in the United States, with more than 160. In 2018, they hope to expand the number of BTM units to 1, 000. Another Coinbtm company has been granted legal rights to operate in New York City.

Bitcoin ATMs are quietly "invading" convenience stores, wine cellars, and even pawnshops

In the United States , bit - currency ATM is being widely used in some retail industries . A cellar , " 545 Deli Grooming , " says the automatic teller machines in their stores are often used , and a Manhattan convenience store , " Grace News , " recently said that automatic teller machines in the store have recently been popular .

Athena bitcoin network (Athena Bitcoin Network) is a specialized installation services bitcoin ATM company, they have museums around the country, and even the gas station, pawn shops installed 55 bitcoin ATMs, covering Colton, Anaheim, Losangeles, Hesperia and Culver City city.

The world every day at least three days bitcoin ATM is installed

Bitcoins ATM manufacturers are actively installing bit - currency ATM machines in many U.S . states and in many countries around the world . According to Coinatmradar ' s data , bit - currency automated teller machines are growing rapidly around the world at three times a day .

Besides the increase of the number of bitcoin ATM, the number of digital currencies supported by these ATM is also increasing. Nowadays, BTM has been able to support Wright coins, such as Tai coins, Monroe coins, bitcoin cash, zcash and many other encrypted digital currencies.





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