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The king of commodities thinks the bitcoin bubble

release:2018-01-03 16:54:19 publisher:BITCOIN

In 2017, bitcoin was no doubt the "hottest" investment, with a year's jump of more than 16 times, giving it the world's highest return. But at the same time. Bitcoin's popularity has also been accompanied by the "roller coaster" market, so 2018 Bitcoin will again attract attention?
In response, Dennis Gartman, the "king of commodities", made his point in a daily market report on Tuesday (January 2nd).
Bitcoin, which started on the defensive on 2018 and suffered a sharp sell-off late last week, has rebounded slightly in holiday trading and now appears to be weakening again.
From a technical point of view, near $1200 is an important support for the price of bitcoin, and any movement that breaks the position may make the market in danger.
With regard to the outlook for bitcoins , Garman made the following expectations . He points out that bit - currency bubbles will eventually crack , and the importance of block chains will grow rapidly .
Gartman pointed out that in fact, if one or more central banks create their own digital currency, we will not be surprised. Just like the BOE of Britain is still trying to keep London's central position in the European capital market after its return to Europe, we will not be surprised.





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